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working or

sleeping correctly?

The basic principle is simple. Material and environment should be adapted to your body. And not the other way around. But "adapting" goes hand in hand with "changing". And that is not always easy.

Op stap met ergocoach guido

The solutions according to Ergocoach Guido

Ergocoach maakt je werkplek actief

Sleeping without complaints.

Active sleep system

Ergocoach maakt je werkplek actief

Make your workplace active.

Sit-stand desk

Ergocoach maakt je werkplek actief

It's all about you.

Ergonomic chair

Bring ergonomics into

the office.

Ergocoach for cgi. Ergocoach for helan Ergocoach for at&t Ergocoach for securex Ergocoach for deloitte Ergocoach for toyota Ergocoach for veaudeville
Genezen is goed, voorkomen is beter
“Prevention is better
than cure”
  • Avoid physical complaints due to incorrect sleeping or working posture.

  • Combine your daily routine with more ergonomics.

  • Adjust ergonomic furniture correctly and use it efficiently.

  • Investing in your health in a sustainable way.